Dave Lind - 1966 Charger
Just a few of the engines Ken
has built over the years...

Bud Butchko - Engine
1950 Chevy Pick Up Truck
Brandon Winter - 1996 S10 355 CI Small Block Chevy

George Novak - 23 Ford C-Cab
Vince - Model A - Ford
Rick Winkler - 1972 Mustang Mach 1
Bruce Brown - 1955 Chevy
"K&B machine is the best performance shop around where you get the best "bang for your buck" I had ken build me a street motor for my s10 with basically all stock parts, and could not have asked for more I run it on Sunoco gas and drive it daily. My original goal was to go 13s but of coarse received more than I could have asked for I went 12.50 on motor and 12.00 on a 125 hp shot of nitrous. This motor has held up to 2 years of going to the track almost every Wednesday night and driving it home. The motor runs great still have it the same but I’m on my third pair of tires and it runs like the day I put it in. K&B is by far the best machine shop around."  - Brandon Winter
"K&B Machine has been a true asset to my racing program.  The service for the past 12 years has been truly phenomenal.  With 6 IHRA Bracket Final appearances, numerous final rounds, and countless round wins I couldn’t ask for a more consistent combination.   In 2000 we put together a fresh engine for the Chrysler Classic Series.  With only two time trials on the engine I ended up winning 19 out of 21 rounds available that weekend, and that won me the 2000 Chrysler Classic Pro Championship.  I have always looked to Kenny for guidance and his advice has always been spot on.   If you’re looking for quality machine work, and someone to guide you through an engine build I would look no further then Kenny at K&B Machine." - Gary Osborne
"In the 30 years I've been doing business with Ken, I've never been disappointed.  In the first engine that he built for me, I decided what parts to use, and it served me well.  In the second engine that he built for me, I allowed his expertise to dictate my choice of products and installation procedures.  I was rewarded with over 450 HP that takes a 2-ton car through the quarter mile in the high 12 second range.  I drive the car daily, except when there is salt on the road, and have taken it on the 2007 and 2008 HOT ROD POWER TOURS.  The performance and reliability could only have been produced by someone with Ken's level of skill.  I have built my own engines in the past, but I found out just how much I don't know through the questions that Ken asked me about how I wanted the build to go.  His product knowledge is second only to his perfectionism as a serious builder of engines." - Bruce Brown

Bud Butchko -
1950 Chevy Pick Up Truck
Gary Osborne - 1974 Road Runner
Frank - 1988 Ford Thunderbird
"I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service that I've received from K & B Engine & Machine.  I was initially referred to K & B by one of their other customers.  I engaged K & B to provide basic rebuild on a 351 W engine for installation in a 1988 Ford Thunderbird.  Because of Kenny's design and engineering expertise, I received a Stroker 351 and ended up with a much more powerful engine than I ever could have imagined for the car.  I highly recommend K & B to anyone with any kind of ongoing work to be done.  K & B provides expert and professional assemblies and their attention to detail and quality of workmanship is evident.  Throughout my life I have invested a number of vehicles, and as a car guy I can attest to my continued satisfaction with the expert and precision assemblies that
K & B provides." - Frank, Rocky River
"When my hotrod finally came to the point of deciding what type of engine to build, I consulted Ken first.  I wanted to rebuild a radical supercharged smallblock that could still be street driven.  Ken has the experience and know-how of putting together bulletproof long blocks, and with his vast supplier contacts, was able to get the best available components at really reasonable prices.  The end result was exactly what I had wanted, an extremely powerful and dependable engine that sounds great, runs cool, and will scare the pants off any casual cruiser."
- Bud Butchko
"Ken overhauled my 351-C.J. Engine & it was fun to drive, but 2 years later I wanted more horsepower.  K & B did it right with a 393-Stroker kit & head work at a fair price.  now it's a blast to drive." - Rick Winkler
"K & B Machine is tops on my list for engine building.  I have built 3 Street Rods and all very satisfactory powered by K & B, and I will use him for any future projects.  His work is A++++++++++++++." - George Novak
Gary Deeks - "79" Camaro, Pro ET. 383 Stroker 10.7 C.R.  Best at 11.06 @ 120.41 MPH at 3400 lb
Rich Rutt - "69" Chevelle SS 396/350 HP
Gary Osborne recommended K&B to mw and it was great advice. Ken meticulously assembled my short block and it's still running strong after over 230 low eleven second runs. When I "freshen up" my engine at the end of 2010 racing season, you can be sure it is going straight to Kenny. I have sent several friends to K&B and they have all been happy with the service the received with expert advice or machine work. Stop in and see Ken. If you're lucky, one or more of his very attractive daughters may  drop in to visit with their dad.